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Plant Hanger

Our stylish Plant Hanger bracket is perfect for hanging up to a 9" diameter pot from the wall. The smaller size can be used as a ceiling hook to hang a fruit basket, or as a swag hook for a string of pendant lights. One of the five attractive color options will certainly compliment your kitchen or living space theme.

While powder coating provides exceptional corrosion protection, using directly outside will reduce the lifespan of the finish.

• Weight Limit 15 lbs (wall mounted)

• Each Hanger comes with matching S Hook and Screw

• Choose from five handsome colors

Long Hanger: 7" Length (18cm), 1 3/4" Circle (4.5cm)

Short Hanger: 3" Length (7.5cm), 1 3/4" Circle (4.5cm)

S Hook: 5" Length (12.5cm), 3/4" Opening (19mm)
White Silk
Red Clay
Dark Brass

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