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    Propagation Strip

    With our Leather Wall Strip system, the vertical alignment of test tubes is a space-saving way to propagate plants near a window. The clever design of the coated steel holder allows the test tube to be in full view and not obstructed from light.

    Very easy to install (just two or three screws per strip, right in line with your wall studs) and effortless to rearrange. Every component is handmade in our small shop using high quality natural leather and powder coated steel hardware. The leather strips are reinforced with steel bars.

    The 30" option includes:
    • One 30" Leather Strip (w/ matching screws)
    • Five Propagation Tubes and Holders

    The 48" option includes:
    • One 48" Leather Strip (w/ matching screws)
    • Eight Propagation Tubes and Holders

    • Our test tubes are: Eisco 50mL (24x150mm) Light Wall (1.2mm Thick) - Borosilicate Glass

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